Shinkei launched

Shinkei app launched

I didn’t want to finish 2020 without launching another app, and the big app I’ve been working on, #LividSpring, was, and still is, a fair way from being completed. So I challenged myself to get a tiny, but addictive game published in time for Christmas 2020.

I managed to get the game and graphics done in 24hours. But getting the ad stuff working properly took a fair bit longer. But a great learning opportunity!

The game is based on Concentration. You know, all the cards are face down, and you turn over 2 at a time and if they match, they are removed, and the game is over when they are all removed. In Japanese, it’s called Shinkei-suijaku, so I named my version, Shinkei.

I added a twist – instead of pictures, you have to remember colours only.