Shinkei simple color pair matching memory game

I set myself a challenge – to make and upload a game in 24 hours. While I failed on the getting everything done in 24 hours part, I did succeed in getting the game part happening in 24 hours.

This game is a simple little pair matching game. The basic game has many names in the real world: Concentration, Pairs, Pelmanism, Memory Matching, Pexeso and, in Japanese, Shinkei Suijaku. The Japanese name mens, roughly, “nervous breakdown”. I chose to use the the word “Shinkei“, meaning nerves/nervous.

For the launch version, you have to match the colours. This makes the game surprisingly hard compared to picture matching games. It is my goal at periodically update the images for different seasons and events.

Get the Easter Edition of Shinkei while you still can!

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