Spectrum Swatch Stickers


Talk the same color with Spectrum Swatch Stickers for iMessage

Communicating color can be very difficult. Whether you’re talking with clients, your designer, life partner, bestie, or wedding planner, Spectrum Swatch helps remove the guess work.

Each color swatch includes a huge color sample, with both curved and straight edges so you can lay it over a photo to highlight the areas of interest.

Each swatch also includes a COLOR NAME, so you know everyone is TALKING THE SAME COLOR.

But that’s not all. We’ve included hex values for each color (the color codes that start with #). Hex colors can be converted to RGB, CMYK, HSL, Pantone etc using your favourite graphics tool or online converter.


Spectrum Swatch - overview of colours included

  • a shaped color sample
  • the color name, and
  • the hex code for the color

There are 404 colors, including the named HTML colors, iOS colors, the latest fashion colors from Pantone, earthy camo colors, and some we’ve named ourselves to flesh out the grays and blacks.

The stickers are on a sexy dark gray background in the sticker drawer. This makes it easier to choose your colors, especially when looking at the neutrals (whites, browns, grays and blacks).


Using Spectrum Swatch Stickers in iMessage1. Open Messages and start a conversation! Then tap the “App Store for iMessage” icon (the big A) next to the compose field. You’ll then see your iMessage apps you have installed, including any stickers you already have.

2. Choose the Spectrum Swatch icon, then tap the color swatch you want. Hit send. That will include the swatch as an image. To slap a sticker onto a photo, video or over another sticker, just touch and hold, then drag it to the location on the screen you’d like to place it. Before you release the sticker, you can pinch or swipe to resize and rotate the sticker.

3. For best results, turn up the brightness on your phone screen.


Spectrum Swatch Stickers reviews

“Ohh yes this would be awesome! I am a milliner and I am constantly trying to match colours to clients outfits (which they often send photos of, taken in poor light). This would save me so much guessing and back/forth messaging! Please let me know when you launch, as I would love to purchase it.”
Chantelle Westlake, Lauder Taylor Millinery

“The cake maker and the venue asked if I had colour swatches for my theme. These stickers would have really made things easier.”
Recent Bride

“What a great idea for an app! Very well designed, works smoothly.”


“Awesome idea. So easy to use and will make talking colours a breeze.”


“Beautifully designed, great color range, love this app!”



Q. Why are colors called “dark” sometimes lighter than the “light” version?

A. Yeah. About that. Some of that is because we’re using a number of different color libraries. But sometimes, even within a color library, there are inconsistencies.

Q. This color has “blue” in its name but it looks more green to me. What gives?

A. The names here are more for you to be able to talk about the colors, and make sure everyone in the conversation is talking about the same color. So instead of referring to a color code, or “red, like that bedspread we saw at Target the other day, remember?”, you can all say “Firebrick”. This isn’t a repository of “correct” names. And again, most of the names come from established named color libraries, and there are historical reasons for some colors to be called certain things. Just roll with it.

Q. Why are the “medium” colors sometimes called “mid”?

A. The font size on the stickers was chosen to be readable even when the sticker is at a smaller size. So when a color name was very long, rather than reduce the font size or try to squeeze the letters together, we choose to replace “medium” with “mid”. There are one or two other concessions we made to keep color names manageable, eg dropping the “yellow” from “Light Goldenrod Yellow”.

Q. I don’t get it. What am I supposed to do with these stickers?

A. Whatever you want. But basically, these stickers are to help you say “this is the color I was telling you about”.

Q. All the whites (or all the blacks) look the same. What’s going on?

A. Try turning up the brightness of your screen.


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