Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible

Spectrum Swatch – Color Swatch Stickers for iMessage is now available on the App Store! This is my first app and I’m very excited😃! I made this set of stickers so you could say “THIS IS THE COLOR I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT!!!”. Whether you’re a designer working on a new logo with a client, discussing renovating with your significant other, or planning a themed event, you can use Spectrum Swatch to get the conversation started. Search for “Spectrum Swatch” in the App Store.

On a personal note, I’ve been trying to get an app developed and launched since my kids were 6 months old. They are now over 4 years old! So it was a long road, and I’ve learnt a lot of things in that time. Most importantly, I’ve made a lot of friends with others who are also on the journey – people all across the world doing so many interesting things. We share our wins and losses, and this app wouldn’t have been possible without them #bluecloudselect Thank you.