The Beginning of Spectrum Swatch

Spectrum Swatch Stickers for iMessageOne Friday morning, I came up with the idea for a stickers app, you know, for iMessage. By midday, I had a sample of what I wanted. By the end of the weekend, I had completed the first batch of stickers.

Over the next few days I went through weird things like US tax forms for people outside the US and Apple contracts and updating this web site (writing this is very meta right now). Messaging my design fam and Aussie Entrepreneur Women in the middle of the night to see if this app had a chance.

I’ve since added a total of 258 stickers, and changed the background colour to make the colours of the stickers really pop. Also added the ability to sign up for app updates, AND the ability to suggest colours and colour names for the next update – right within the stickers app.

I’ll post screen shots and more info once the app is in review with Apple. I take so long to get things done, I don’t want to be gazumped before I launch!